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The phone rings this morning at an ungodly volume - waking me from my dreamless snooze. 

Hi mom. Oh the weather’s great at home? Awesome. 
I look outside my own window and am met with droplets. Great - it’s raining. I press my forehead against the window as mother describes the amazing New Orleans weather.
A little puddle of fog forms against my skin on the window because it’s cold and miserable outside.

Don’t get me wrong - I have no problem with rainy, cold, damp, mildewy, runny-nose-causing weather. Sometimes I welcome it. It’s a great day to curl up with my crappy reality tv shows and a hot cup of tea. But not today.

Today it’s a kick in the shins. It’s just an even more annoying reminder that I’m in Los Angeles for the third year running while The Jazz and Heritage Festival begins in NOLA. 

Sure, the blow is a little less harsh when I think of the staggering heat and the claustrophobic humidity characteristic of a typical New Orleans spring. Here in LA I have the “sunny 75s” and cool breezes to bask in. 

Yet, I’d even trade a perfect California day for a muggy, nearly unbearable day at Jazzfest. Hell - I’d trade it for a torrential downpour at Jazzfest. So long as I’d get to enjoy all of the fabulous food and entertainment. 

Due to my frustration and depression of missing out this year - I have yet to look at the lineup. Can’t do it. It’ll just make things worse. It doesn’t help and everyone and their mother tells me how fantastic it is. So I am sparing myself the torture of reading all of the talented musicians gracing the Fairgrounds with their presence. 

What I can’t avoid however, is thinking about all of the wonderful food that I cannot have. 
Crawfish bread, crawfish monica, po-boys, rose-mint tea, mango freezes, meat pies, fried bread….I - I can’t go on. It hurts too much. Sure, I could find imitations out here - but that’s borderline sacrilegious.  

I guess what I’m just trying to say in the giant pile of self-loathing and whining, is that I would love to be at the Jazzfest right about now. 

To those who are able to enjoy it - I raise my glass. 


Posted on Thursday, April 26th 2012